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As of EDGELIB 3.00 you can use OpenGL ES and OpenGL with the EDGELIB SDK. OpenGL functions are available using a simple plugin mechanism. This enables developers to take advantage of hardware accelerated 3D rendering on devices with advanced graphics cards on board.

OpenGL (ES) also provides the following advanced 3D rendering features:

  • Wireframe rendering, flat shading and smooth shading
  • Perspective correct texture mapping
  • Skeletal animation
  • Z-Buffer
  • Pixel shading
  • World and model transformation
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Fog

The following implementations are currently supported:

  • Imagination Technologies PowerVR
  • Hybrid Rasteroid
  • NVIDIA GoForce (as of EDGELIB 3.20)
  • Native Windows implementations

Some features may not be available in certain OpenGL implementations or devices.

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