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Usually, the devices supported by EDGELIB have a display with a portrait layout (the width is smaller than the height). Itís possible to configure EDGELIB as if the display was rotated (for example to a landscape layout). No additional effort has to be made, when developing a landscape oriented application with EDGELIB.

EDGELIB supports rotation in all four orientations (0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees). As of EDGELIB 2.50 applications can also inherit the current screen orientation of the operating system. EDGELIB 2.95 added additional orientations to force the display into portrait or landscape mode.

As of EDGELIB 3.20, it's possible to make layout and orientation aware applications. Some devices change their orientation when cover is slided or the display is flipped. You're application can take the new orientation for the best user-friendly experience. Also it's possible to change the orientation at will (hot-rotate). When the orientation is changed, surfaces are rotated automatically.

Below is a screenshot of a game running in landscape mode.

Screenshot of a landscape oriented game (320x240)
Screenshot of a landscape oriented game (320x240)

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