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Plugin definitions need to be specified before including "edgemain.h".


EGL_NONE     //Don't use OpenGL but use the EDGELIB native rendering engine
EGL_USEGL    //Use OpenGL (ES) library and rendering

To use OpenGL in an EDGELIB powered application it is also needed to link the OpenGL or OpenGL ES implementation library, include OpenGL (ES) header files, and link a matching OpenGL plugin library.

Image loader plugins

EDGE_NODEFAULTPLUGINS  //Disable all image loaders by default

Use this definition to disable all image loaders by default and use OnPluginLoad to specify the image loaders which are needed.


EDGERENDER_LITE    //Include no additional optimizations
EDGERENDER_DEFAULT  //Include standard, often used optimizations (default)
EDGERENDER_FULL     //Include optimizations for every filter combination
EDGERENDER_CUSTOM   //Use a custom preset

Used for including blitlet presets. When EDGERENDER_CUSTOM is defined, include your own custom preset before including "edgemain.h".

ClassESound wrappers

ESOUND_SILENT  //Use a dummy sound interface
ESOUND_HEKKUS  //Use the Hekkus Sound System library
ESOUND_OPENAL  //Use the OpenAL sound library
ESOUND_CUSTOM  //Use a different sound library and custom sound wrapper

Define the sound wrapper to use. When ESOUND_CUSTOM is defined, include your own sound wrapper in your project once.

Version changes

EDGELIB 3.00: Changed EDGERENDER_LIGHT to EDGERENDER_LITE, added OpenGL plugin definitions

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