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To ensure maxium compatibility and robustness EDGELIB is equipped with native image loaders making the engine fully independent from external libraries. Because the image loaders are implemented as plugins, unused image formats can be disabled to decrease the filesize of your executable.

The following popular image formats are supported:

  • BMP (Windows bitmap)
  • GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)
  • PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
  • JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) as of EDGELIB 2.90
  • TGA (Targa) as of EDGELIB 2.90

A broad range of special types of these images are supported, such as animated GIF's, monochrome and 4-bit BMP bitmaps, interlaced GIF and PNG images, progressive JPEG images and TGA images with an alpha channel.

Surface content is usually loaded from a file or memory. Each image format has its own advantages and disadvantages relating to size, quality and features.

The following sample images show the differences between the image formats:

8 bit BMP
8 bit BMP
24 bit BMP
24 bit BMP

File sizes of the above images are:

  • 8 bit BMP: 24,120 bytes
  • 24 bit BMP: 69,174 bytes
  • GIF: 9,838 bytes
  • PNG: 37,135 bytes
  • JPEG (lowest quality) 8,483 bytes
  • JPEG (highest quality) 23,956 bytes

Note: JPEG does not support transparancy.

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