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This tutorial will get you started to develop for Apple iOS devices, including iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It contains the following chapters:


When installing applications on the iPhone device, it automatically puts your files in a read-only folder. A read-write folder is available to create new files such as the application configuration. This will require you to manage two paths, instead of only one path used on most other systems. When accessing files, it uses the read-write folder automatically. To read files from the read-only folder, an additional parameter is needed in the EDGELIB function calls. For example, in ClassEFile::Open specify the EFOF_READONLYPATH flag and in CreateSurface, use the EST_READONLYPATH flag.

When using PNG images in your iPhone application, graphics quality can be greatly decreased. This is because the device converts the file while installing your application. You can workaround this behavior by using EDGELIB packages (.epk files) or rename the files to use a different extension.

Download tutorial project

Here is a sample that can be downloaded which contains the result of this tutorial. Remember to set the build target to simulator before building.

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