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Copying of files

First we need to set up a project folder for mobile development. In this tutorial the folder will be referred as C:\projects. After the folder has been created, start the EDGELIB SDK setup file and install it inside the project folder like: C:\projects\Edge.

Choosing your target device(s)

Before development begins, it's best to determine which mobile devices will be targetted by your application.

Each device has its own screen layout, limits and input handling. EDGELIB currently supports the Windows Mobile, Symbian, Linux and Mac operating systems. For the Mac operating system, currently only the iPhone and iPod are supported. The application can also be developed on a desktop PC with Windows 2000, XP or Linux to speed up the development process. This tutorial will explain how to set up a simple EDGELIB project for each development platform and it also contains some considerations about developing multi-platform applications.

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