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EDGELIB can handle and process input from devices supporting an accelerometer or TiltCONTROL device. The SDK supports several devices with an accelerometer or tilt sensor, including iOS, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

EDGELIB 2.40 introduced support for Pocketmotion's TiltCONTROL hardware device for Windows Mobile. The TiltCONTROL is a small device that attaches to a Windows Mobile Device such as a Pocket PC or Smartphone. The TiltCONTROL is able to detect the precise angle that the mobile device is being held at, and sends this information to the EDGELIB framework.

As of version 3.60, EDGELIB also supports the accelerometer found in various Nokia handsets. Supported Nokia phones so far are the 5500, N93, N95 8GB and N82 models.

In version 3.95, iOS support was added to EGELIB, including support for the accelerometer.

A stylus and d-pad emulation mode is available for automatic integration and support of the tilt devices. EDGELIB utilizes a new input event which is fired multiple times per second to report the framework of horizontal and vertical tilting. The emulation mode for stylus input is disabled by default, but can be turned on easily with one function call.

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