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EDGELIB 2.70 introduced an advanced input class including default mappings recommended for use in games and game menus.

Menu mappings are used for game menu navigation and supports two styles of menus. One being a traditional menu where the user browses through multiple options and selects menu items where it's also possible to go back to a previous menu/cancel a menu item. The other is a softkey based menu where a softkey is linked to an action (depending on the game status) like the common phone interface. It also provides a default 'character type' key for soft keyboards which doesn't conflict with incoming character events.

Game mappings are available for in-game control in four directions, two actions and a button for pausing the game. Other mappings include arrow movements, volume control keys and additional softkeys which may or may not be mapped, depending on the device.

Input mappings are fully configurable and can be added and removed through the input module.

The names of key scan codes can also be retrieved through the input module, useful for games where custom key mappings can be defined through the menu.

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