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Mobile devices like mobile phones and PDAs are traditionally much slower than modern desktop computers and game consoles. In game development, developers are always looking for extra performance to make their games run more faster and more smooth, or give them possibilities to add extra graphics enhancements.

Of course new devices will have faster processors or even an extra hardware or 3D graphics processor to boost performance, so optimizing might be less necessary in the future.

All EDGELIB functions are already optimized to gain maximum performance. For example, EDGELIB does not use floating point values and uses fixed point operations in stead.

This tutorial discusses some techniques to squeeze extra performance out of your EDGELIB-powered game. Be sure to include an FPS counter in the development build of your application to measure the performance changes during the optimization process. Also keep testing your game on various devices, as optimization can have different effects on the different platforms.

The article concludes with some tips for optimizing memory and disk space usage of your EDGELIB-powered game.

This tutorial contains the following chapters:

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