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Taptatop Ultimate is a reflex game where your unique challenge is to kill a maximum of moles without becoming schizophrenic! Enjoy punching their little heads, electrocuting their small bodies or using the classic-but-nonetheless-funny shotgun to blast their heads off!

Be careful of angry moles, they kick back! Not mentioning the deadly mole-bomb... Take care not no miss a single vermin to increase your combo score way faster! Take full advantage of the mole saw to slash'em moles!


Screenshot of Taptatop Ultimate


  • Two levels of difficulty: "Kill'em moles" (start slowly but it won't last long) and "Mass mole massacre" (get your hands straight in the warzone!)
  • If while playing you realise that you have something more important to do (really?), simply shake your device to pause the game. Shake it again to get back to the slaughtering...
  • A "flower mode" for the mole lovers (this sounds crazy, but we are sure there are some around us), with a surprise...
  • A "coktail creator" to add a classy and refreshing touch!


Tetraedge Games

Release date

November 12th, 2008

Supported platforms

  • Apple iPhone/iPod touch

More information

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