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This section contains all the information you need when working with EDGELIB.


Please refer to the Reference Guide describing all classes, functions and features of the SDK in detail.

Check out the available tutorials to quickly learn how to work with EDGELIB and how to use the more advanced features. There's even a tutorial available for creating a complete basic game.

For an overview of the changes, additions and bug fixes in the latest versions of EDGELIB, please consult the release history.

Developer forum

Using the official EDGELIB developer forum, developers can get in touch with other EDGELIB developers and discuss the library, ask questions, report issues and request features. The EDGELIB development team checks the forum regularly to answer questions and post announcements.


When you encounter a problem with EDGELIB, chances are you can find an answer in the frequently asked questions list. If not, you can file a bug report for us to look at.

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